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Happy New Year 2021

Posted January 4, 2021 • Change,Mindfulness • by Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler, Ph.D.


Dear friends,

To honor this long-awaited new year, I want to offer you some simple wishes.

I hope you enjoy these wishes. And I hope you’ll share your wishes with those you care about– your family and friends, colleagues and teams– so we can together create the new world we wish for each other in the year ahead.

Inspired by the traditions of poetry, blessings, and lovingkindness meditation:

I wish you health              May you be healthy
I wish you safety                 May you be safe
I wish you freedom                  May you be free
I wish you adventure                  May you be adventurous
I wish you peace                           May you be peaceful
I wish you love                                 May you be loving
I wish you success                             May you be successful
I wish you happiness                            May you be happy
I wish you hope                                        May you be hopeful
I wish you beauty                                        May you be beautiful
I wish you ease                                              May you be full of ease

May it be a bright 2021 for all,


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