Our Values

The larger and more complex your organization, the greater the opportunity for collaboration…and for conflict. When you and others are well-equipped to deal with this complexity, you are more likely to foster the collaboration, productive dialogue and inspiring leadership needed to succeed.

Five values drive our work:


We guide you on an adventurous journey that creates clarity, productivity, freedom, and connection.

Organizational Health:

We help you optimize your organization’s vitality by aligning and invigorating the relationships and systems that comprise it.


We enable you to connect in authentic, thoughtful ways with yourself, your work, and with the people you care about most: colleagues, clients, customers, partners, and even family.

Inspired Leadership:

We help you imagine and become the best version of yourself in order to create optimal outcomes for yourself, your teams, and your entire organization.

Restored Wholeness:

We view our work not as fixing something that is broken, but rather as restoring wholeness. Our goal is to bring systems back into their natural state of health and vitality at every level–individual, team, organization, community, and world.

“The quality of the collaboration determines the result. ” – Marianne Williamson