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Optimal Outcomes is on sale TODAY!

Posted February 25, 2020 • Conflict Mastery,Mindfulness,News • by Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler, Ph.D.

Dear friends,

Today, I am thrilled to announce that my new book, Optimal Outcomes: Free Yourself from Conflict at Work, at Home, and in Life, is officially available—for everyone!

After years of using the Optimal Outcomes practices inside Columbia classrooms and client boardrooms, I’m excited about the possibility of the book having a wider impact.

I’m delighted that the book has already been selected a Financial Times Book of the Month and that translations are already underway in China and Korea with more to come.

When situations resist resolution, the Optimal Outcomes practices teach us conflict freedom.

Whether you’re applying the practices to a situation at work, at home, or in public life, you can do all eight practices on your own to free yourself from conflict and achieve optimal outcomes, even without anyone else’s cooperation.

I want the book to be practical, so in addition to the step-by-step advice in the book, you’ll find interactive tools at to help you use the practices in your everyday life.

Writing Optimal Outcomes has been one of the most rewarding projects of my life and I couldn’t have done it without the support of so many of you. In this video, I share a bit about the book and how it can help you achieve optimal outcomes.

Thank you for being part of this journey with me. I hope you’ll read the book and let me know what you think!

In freedom,


Jennifer Goldman-Wetzler, Ph.D. is the Founder and CEO of Alignment Strategies Group, the New York-based consulting firm that counsels CEOs and executive teams on how to optimize organizational health and growth. Her book, Optimal Outcomes: Free Yourself from Conflict at Work, at Home, and in Life, will be published by HarperBusiness on February 25, 2020.

You can download the Introduction chapter of Optimal Outcomes and an overview of all 8 practices for free at 

View Jen’s recent TEDx Talk: Free Yourself When Conflict Resolution Fails.

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